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                Company Profile

                CNH Technologies, Inc. is a Massachusetts based corporation that conducts:

                • Research and development of new processes for the manufacture of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates.
                • Manufacture of building blocks for life science research, and
                • Customer chemical synthesis and contract research services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.

                CNH has combined the advantages of conventional organic syntheses and biotransformations to design specifically chemo-enzymatic approaches for the synthesis of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates. With this particular methodology, CNH is able to produce products in a more efficient and economical way compared to traditional chemical approaches.

                At this point in time, CNH has more than 230 kinds of building blocks available and is constantly seeking to add to the current selection. Please see the our products page for a complete listing of available products.

                In addition to research and development of new processes and products, CNH also offers customer chemical synthesis and contract research services to assist customers in the pursuit of their research and development goals. Many renowned pharmaceutical, biotechnology and fine chemical companies worldwide depend on both the timely and quality efficiency of our services.


                New Products

                Be sure to check out the newest products we have to offer in our product database.

                View Products

                Contact Us

                Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our company or our products.

                Phone: 781-933-0362

                Fax: 781-933-1839

                Email: services@cnhtechnologies.com

                   Our Bulk Manufacturing Facility